Angeline Chiwetani Awarded for Her Work on Access to Treatment

Angeline Chiwetani, a dedicated treatment activist, has been awarded the Letten Foundation Award for 2004. This award is in recognition for the key role she has played in reducing stigmatisation and discrimination and who also for advocating for antiretroviral therapy. It was awarded to her in Barcelona, Spain, on the 29th November 2004. Angeline has worked tirelessly to raise HIV/AIDS awareness in grassroots communities, as well as working with women and girls. She is also a key member of ZAHA and PATAM-Zim.

HIV Activist Martine Somda Receives State Recognition of Her Work

ICW trustee and president of REVS+ (Responsabilité Espoir Vie Solidarité – Hope, Life and Solidarity Network), has received from the President of Burkina Faso the distinction of Knight of the Order of Merit of Burkina Faso- December 1 at Dedougou. To receive such acknowledgement from the State is a great recognition of her work on HIV/AIDS. Congratulations Martine.

Message from the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

We fully support the vision of the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS. We have almost ten million members in 144 countries many of whom are working towards a world where women, whatever their situation or HIV status, have full rights and are respected and involved members of their societies.

Letter of Support from The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance

Global HIV The Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance, a global network of churches and related organizations engaged in efforts to change policies and practices related to HIV/AIDS, welcomes the opportunity to work alongside The International C 

Amnesty International Message of Support for ICW

Article image Amnesty International are seeking to act in solidarity with the aims of the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS. Click here to read more in their message of support for ICW.

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