Press Release: ICW Latina

Press release: New York, Monday 9th June 2008

ICW presents its campaign ‘More Peace Less AIDS’ to the United Nations Delegates of the Latinamerican region.

Dr Jorge Arguello, Argentine Ambassador to the UN, chaired a meeting today attended by ambassadors and civil servants of ten countries from the region.

Representatives of the UN from Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Peru, Nicaragua, Panama, Uruguay, Mexico and Honduras met to share ideas and coordinate a common strategy on the proposal put forward by Patricia Perez of Argentina, Arley Cano of Nicaragua and Ruth Linares of Costa Rica, relating to the global campaign ‘More Peace Less AIDS’ launched by ICW Latina.

Dr Arguello used this meeting to ratify his complete support of providing assistance to ICW Latina and ensuring the success of the activities outlined in the campaign ‘More Peace Less Aids’, which ICW Latina planned for the High Level Meeting New York from the 9th to the 12th of June.

For more information please see the press release attached, in Spanish.

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