Launch of new ICW Vision Paper - HIV Positive Women and Drug and Alcohol Use

We are delighted to let you know that ICW has produced a new Vision Paper - 'HIV Positive Women and Drug and Alcohol Use'. This Vision Paper highlights the research conducted for Silent Voices, a unique participatory project carried out by and for HIV positive women on the experiences of HIV positive drug/alcohol using women living in London, UK. The project aimed to address the current lack of support and information available for HIV positive women who also use drugs and alcohol. In order to find out what services the women needed, ICW explored relationships, employment, motherhood, available services, and barriers to access.

The project also aimed to create links among HIV positive female drug users with the help of local partner organisations, to collate information on current policies and practice, and to develop advocacy tools around reproductive health rights, access to care, treatment and support, and prevention.

Using a participatory approach, focus groups and individual interviews were conducted by HIV positive women, the majority of whom are ex-injecting drug users, with HIV positive women who are (or were) also users.

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