Positive Women’s Forum: International Women’s Summit, July 4, Nairobi, Kenya

The World YWCA, in partnership with other international organisations, will convene an unprecedented international conference on Women’s Leadership and HIV and AIDS, uniting 1500 women of all ages and HIV statuses and other stakeholders. The summit will take place in conjunction with World YWCA Council on July 4-7, 2007.

The first day of the conference, July 4, 2007, will be the Positive Women’s Forum exclusively for positive women.

A steering committee of positive women from different regions of the world has been building the programme consulting with other positive women. Positive women around the globe responded to a questionnaire identifying the following key issues of concern which will be the main focus of the forum:

5 key challenges identified by positive women from around the globe are:

- Increasing women’s leadership and economic empowerment

- Address affordable health care and treatment issues

- Advocacy around gender inequalities

- Stigma and discrimination

- Human, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of women and girls

Any issues that are not addressed in the Positive Women's Forum on the July 4, due to time constraints will continue to be addressed through the broader IWS. All positive women are encouraged to attend the entire IWS to ensure that concerns are included in the broader women’s movement agenda on HIV and AIDS.


1. To create a space and an agenda including plans of actions, for positive women by positive women

2. To make visible positive women's leadership, especially African and young women’s positive leadership, at grassroots and community levels, at national, regional and international levels, and to highlight the difference it is making in response to HIV and AIDS

3. To provide a forum for networking and building strategic partnerships that will broaden the impact of responses to HIV and AIDS at all levels, especially among positive women

4. To mobilise the positive women’s movement on HIV and AIDS and crosscutting issues and produce the evidence required to effect change at all levels in society

To prepare for the International Women’s Summit

Proposed Outcomes

1. Develop a plan of action for positive women and deliver a more coordinated response, including strategic plans specific to different regions

2. Positive women will be inspired to promote and internalise positive women's leadership, becoming leaders themselves

3. Have addressed specific issues that are central in positive women's lives

4. Develop an advocacy message for the world – based on the consensus of women attending who will be representing their constituencies

Offer support to positive women who may not have been connected to the positive women's movement

Women Leading Change Awards

An awards ceremony will honour exceptional leadership of community women, both young and old, in the areas of prevention, treatment, care and support, advocacy and policy making as well as addressing gender inequality and stigma and discrimination. To download nomination forms visit www.worldywca.org Deadline for receipt is December 8, 2006,midnight, GMT

For additional information email HIVawards@worldywca.org

Breakaway Sessions and Workshops

The IWS will include dozens of plenary, breakaway sessions and workshops on a wide range of intersecting issues linked to women and HIV and AIDS. Workshop submission forms have been uploaded on to our website at www.worldywca.org

Apply to run a workshop that will benefit not only positive women but women working with positive women and girls. During the Positive Women's Forum only positive women will be facilitating and participating in workshops. Deadline for receipt of applications is November 30, 2006.

Town Hall Meetings

There will be Town Hall meetings that will run concurrently and will take place in strategic locations in Nairobi. These meetings will tackle some of the cutting edge issues that impact responses to HIV and AIDS. These will encourage participation of local communities in Kenya and will attract wide press coverage.

Sokoni: A Marketplace of ideas, strategies and goods

Sokoni, a Swahili word for marketplace, will be open to all throughout the IWS. Sokoni will be a place for the exchange of ideas and strategies, private consultations, exhibitions and films, networking, buying and sharing of goods, souvenirs and handicrafts, counseling, a place for encounter and meeting new friends and a wide array of other activities and events.


Kenyatta International Conference Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.
Located within easy walking distance of hotels.

Nairobi is Kenya’s capital and the country’s principal economic administrative and cultural centre. With a population of 3.5 million, it is one of the largest cities in Africa with many attractions including international restaurants, colourful open air markets, shopping malls and the nearby Nairobi National Park with plenty of wildlife.


Special rates to fit every budget are available with prices range from USD $30 - $160. Please consult our website: www.worldywca.org

Want to find out more? Email positivewomen@worldywca.org