It’s Time to Deliver for Everyone in Toronto says ICW

Press release -ICW, a co-sponsor of AIDS2006, is set to challenge myths and statistics about HIV positive women around the world and will deliver a Key Challenge to the conference every day.

With over 4000 members around the world – in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America, Russia and Eastern Europe, Europe and North America - ICW is the only global organisation of women living with HIV, run by positive women for positive women.

In Toronto

  • ICW women are keen to talk to the media about our lives, experiences and about ICW.
  • We can introduce the media to open, positive women from around the world.
  • Each day ICW will distribute a ‘Key Conference Challenge’ to highlight what concerns HIV positive women. Get the daily challenge at the ICW Booth in the Media Centre or in the Global Village. Base a story around its themes.
  • Photograph our colourful ICW Dancing Conga Line in the Global Village every day between 1.30 – 2pm. Adorned in pink we will be shaking tambourines and dancing through the Global Village handing out our daily Key Conference Challenge. Be sharp! This is a short and fun daily event, which will end by 2pm. Starts and ends at the ICW Booth (830) in the Global Village.
  • Meet ICW members from around the worldat the ICW Booth (830) in the Global Village. Stock up on ICW publications.
  • Check out the Women’s Networking Zone and the Positive Space Networking Zone in the Global Village. ICW is co-organising each of these vibrant and busy spaces with other women’s and positive people’s groups.
  • Come and hear ICW patron Mary Robinson at the Women and Girls’ rally and march on Monday the 14th - 7am at Metro Hall Square
  • Athena/ICW Satellite: Violence against Women on Tuesday 15th at 7pm in Skills Building Room 8. Women with first hand experience of violence spell out how important it is to confront the depressing reality of violence in so many women’s lives and its connections to the epidemic.
  • Major Press Conference: Athena/Blueprint/ICW press conference on routine and mandatory HIV testing. Speakers explain why any plans for routine testing are counter productive and have a negative impact on HIV positive women, sometimes resulting in violence and abuse. Wednesday 16th, 10am in the Media Centre.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet articulate and inspiring HIV positive women. Contact us!

  • Note to Editors

We can put you in touch with HIV positive women from around the world.

ICW’s 5 Key Conference Challenges

Sunday - Sexual and Reproductive Health—The right to safe, satisfying sex and the right not to have sex; the ability to make informed choices to have, or not to have children - these go to the heart of what it means to be human.

Monday - Access to Care, Treatment and Support (ACTS)—ICW challenges
the myth that so-called gender equality in treatment access means equal numbers of women and men get treatments. Men and women face different barriers to accessing and utilising a regular supply of medications for life.

Tuesday - The Meaningful Involvement of People Living with HIV—We all need to ask 'Who has the power?' and ensure that we work in genuine collaboration with positive women. The political agendas of the most powerful must not force international HIV policies onto a single narrow route. HIV policies and practice must be informed and shaped by the experiences of HIV positive women.

Wednesday - Challenging Taboos—Too many women are stigmatised for being HIV-positive, discriminated against as women, asylum seekers, or prisoners, disenfranchised as drug users or sex workers. Until we listen to all women's voices, the pandemic will continue and women's rights will remain a luxury for a few.

Thursday - Act Now! — There is so much we can do to ensure that discrimination does not continue to devastate HIV-positive women’s lives. Start with supporting positive women's networks and by working in partnership with them. And listen, for then our actions will be based on real women’s lives and concerns.